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Family Law in Illinois & Iowa

Attorney C. Stephan Marsh of Marsh Law, Ltd. has practiced in Family Law areas for over 37 years. That are of expertise includes both in the State of Illinois, and the State of Iowa. Specialty in the area of Family Law includes the following:


Attorney Marsh has had over 37 years of experience in handling divorce cases, representing both wives and husbands. With that vast experience, attorney Marsh can guide you through the process and make sure your rights are protected. This would include all issues involving your children, such as custody and parenting time, child support, and related issues, and would also include dividing up the assets of the marriage fair and equitably. Attorney Marsh handles both contested and uncontested divorce cases.


Attorney Marsh has over 37 years of experience in handling issues involving custody and visitation. Not only do you need representation regarding these issues in your possible divorce case, but also you need representation on these issues which arise subsequent to your divorce. These issues might include modifying custody/parenting time, expanding or limiting parenting time, the desire of one parent to move to another location with the children, and related issues.

Child Support

Attorney Marsh has years of experience in child support cases. This would include child support issues in an initial divorce, in an initial Paternity case, and those which arise post-Judgment. If you are the parent with the majority of the parenting time and our receiving child support, it’s important that you continue to receive the correct amount of child support based on the applicable Illinois or Iowa Law. If you are paying child support, if there’s a change in your income, your child support may have to be adjusted. Attorney Marsh’s experience in child support matters, both in Illinois and Iowa, will make sure your rights are protected whether you are receiving child support or paying child support.


Attorney Marsh has many years of experience in handling Paternity matters, both in Illinois and in Iowa. A Paternity action arises when the parties have a child or children without having been married. Often after a child or children are born in such situation, disputes arise between the parents, and often those disputes have to be resolved in Court pursuant to a filed Paternity action. Such a Paternity action, in either state, will involve establishing the Father as the parent of the child or children, and then proceeding with the issues of custody, parenting time, visitation, child support, payment of medical insurance/expenses, and related issues.